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Our Location

The Play Destination is a large (over 5000 sqft) family center, open indoor playground and birthday party and celebration center for children 6 years old and younger. Our play area offers your child a clean, safe and developmental environment with play equipment such as a bounce house, air hockey table, climbing structures, slides and other mentally and physically stimulating activities.

The Play Destination offers free Wi-Fi, Nursing Room, Comfortable seating, and a snack bar with organic alternatives, juice, water, soda, and multiple options for the kids.  We strive for an atmosphere where parents can simply relax, read, complete tasks, meet up with friends on a play date and socialize with other parents. We have books for all ages and we partner with different companies to motivate reading and creative imagination. Our facility is also used by several local speech therapists and teachers/instructors who maximize the open space and the educational toys to attend to their clients.

In addition to offering a space for general play, The Play Destination offers private reservations of our facility for parties, showers, and other celebratory events. Unlike other indoor playgrounds, the entire space is reserved for only one private party at a given time (no sharing the space with other parties and no transferring from one room to another). Please see Rates and Parties section for additional detail.

About The Owners

Please welcome Tanu, Nona, and the Hsu family as we strive to exceed your expectations and turn your favorite family center, indoor playground and party center into an even more spectacular experience. Updates to our facility are completed as we painted, designed, and enhanced the atmosphere to be more conducive to you and your child’s needs. Thank you for your business and we are excited to be a part of your community!

Safety and Cleanliness

As we strive to exceed your expectations, we are very focused on sustaining a very clean and safe facility. Our anti-fatigue foam mats and regular flooring are cleaned daily and attended to as needed through the day. Toys, costumes and play structures are inspected and cleaned regularly, and we appreciate when issues are pointed out to use so we can attend to it. No broken, damaged,  dangerous nor dirty toys should be found in the play area and will be removed immediately upon identification, so we thank you for your cooperation bringing this concerns to us. We use only cleaning products that are family friendly to protect all our guests and extended family, specially the little ones like crawlers and new-walkers.

Our Activities

At the Play Destination doors are always open, literally! Our events Monday thru Friday do not interfere with open play, and most of the time, it is included with the regular admission. We are always supporting local moms and dads, small businesses, healthy living, family life, socializing, learning and education here at The Play Destination.


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